About Us

It was in 1970 that Jeannine and Jacques Péladeau, founders of this campground, acquired this land with the lake. Working side by side, in time they developed a beautiful campground that the newspaper Le Droit in 1972 referred to as a small paradise. The campground was named Cedar Shade Campground "L’ hombre des cèdres", but with time, people called it Péladeau Beach and as time went by, everyone referred to it as Camping Péladeau. In 1996, Jeannine and Jacques retired from their lifetime achievement and decided it was time to pass on their legacy to their sons. In 2002, the youngest of their three sons took over the business for good!

Let me introduce myself, Sylvain Péladeau, I was brought up on this campground and taking over my parents business is a privilege for me and also a dream come true. My wife Josée and our two sons Joshua and Zackary have decided to continue a family tradition. The first year of our ownership, we decided to rename Camping Péladeau to its roots of existence which was Cedar Shade Campground. We want to continue to offer good service, bring in new changes while ensuring the happiness and pleasure of our campers. I want to thank my parents for having faith in me and for teaching me what I know today in order to carry on what they started years ago.

We invite you to come and visit our campground and meet us personally along with our great team of employees; it will be our pleasure to serve you.